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Good Course Includes:

  • NASCLA Contractors Guide
  • Chapter Tabs – Not Included.
  • Test Taking Tips
  • 16 Hour Online Course Completion Form
  • 75 Online CCB Approved Bonus Practice Questions – Unlimited Access
  • 80 Question Online Simulated Exam – Not Included.
  • Free Shipping – Not Included.


Easy Instructions after you place your order:

  1. Read the ccb manual for a minimum of 16 hours and no less than 68 1/2 minutes on each of the 14 chapters (even if you are a fast reader).
  2. Fill out our online 16 hour course completion form stating you in promise to have spent a minimum of 16 hours reading the manual.
  3. Optionally, you may use our ccb approved 75 online bonus practice questions (unlimited access).
  4. After submitting the 16 hour online completion form you will receive an email confirmation from PSI (the nationwide testing center that the CCB requires you to use) and then you may schedule with PSI to go sit for the final open book exam.
  5. After you take the final open book exam the testing center will hand you a piece of paper that says you passed the test. You will simply include that piece of paper with your CCB Contractor Application.

178 reviews for Good

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    i wish there was more online tutorials on the process needed to get on the ground running. like the whole process from start to finish and what to expect from the ccb board.

  2. Jorge Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I like it

  3. Mike.s1032 (verified owner)

    Easy process

  4. John Moller (verified owner)

    There was some processing issues.

  5. joni.rodriguez23 (verified owner)

    Very helpful information.

  6. clarno331 (verified owner)

    works fine

  7. hyllandbrian (verified owner)

    It really helps to do this course when you have a busy schedule

  8. bayleystephan (verified owner)

    Instructions were clear and concise.

  9. Tacoma_jake (verified owner)

    The book is fairly easy to read and understand. I like the Final Inspection sections of each chapter, it reviews some of the more important material. I also like the Test Taking Tips and Practice Test Questions.

  10. Jay Martin (verified owner)

    good value

  11. marklarski (verified owner)

    A quality program for a reasonable price.

  12. Adam Bogy (verified owner)


  13. Jonathon Soileau (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and complete training material.

  14. nwwildliferemovalllc (verified owner)

    Great program

  15. nwwildliferemovalllc (verified owner)

    Excellent. Easy to use. Great practice quizzes.

  16. uriah.stewart (verified owner)

    Was exactly as advertised

  17. ashenridge (verified owner)

    Great for independent study. Quick delivery.

  18. adamlinford1991 (verified owner)


  19. (verified owner)

    Some of you question on you practice quiz are out of date need to be updated or something

  20. victorgaleana09 (verified owner)

    Great material.

  21. missblondemocha (verified owner)

    Pretty smooth

  22. scottwoodward85 (verified owner)

    Good self-paced option

  23. josephkoonce (verified owner)

    Nice booklet. Thanks for the help.

  24. james5thhaworth (verified owner)

    This course was great! Just what I needed.

  25. boldarwin (verified owner)

    The practice quiz had a question about hiring people with disabilities and the maximum number of employees a business can have before it is required to allow people with disabilities to apply for open positions. The test had four available answers, the correct answer on the test was 6 employees. In the manual the correct answer as I understand it is 15 employees. The program was convenient and easy to use. Thank you for your attention.

  26. james5thhaworth (verified owner)

    it was easy and well put together. thank you

  27. fonuam (verified owner)


  28. fonuam (verified owner)

    Very simple!

  29. badger63 (verified owner)

    There wasn’t really a course, just a manual to read and a form to fill out.

  30. William Ruud (verified owner)


  31. SteelCoBiz (verified owner)

    Great Course. I love the tabs, it helps out a lot when I need to find an answer.

  32. SteelConcrete (verified owner)

    Great study program, really straightforward with learning old fashion.

  33. freeheelsfreemind (verified owner)

    there could be more of a course.

  34. John Jesser (verified owner)

    Good coars

  35. ryanwells300xcw (verified owner)

    Read the book. Pretty Basic stuff

  36. jthighdesert (verified owner)

    Easy to read and follow

  37. Bo Soileau (verified owner)

    It was very user friendly and you guys made it easy for me to pick up my manual. Thank you

  38. greggspeer0888 (verified owner)

    Provided the necessary tools, and also made them easily accessible; for me to feel fully prepared to take and pass my CCB Exam

  39. horozcoram (verified owner)

    Good book

  40. pdamian864 (verified owner)

    Good overall.

  41. lisagumpster (verified owner)

    The course was easy to follow along.

  42. nesbittbrenden (verified owner)

    Easy to follow course

  43. kathy.perry75 (verified owner)

    It’s been helpful. Very easy thank you

  44. horozcoram (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the reading

  45. williamhartman14 (verified owner)

    Very informative

  46. hollyster22 (verified owner)

    Easy course and user friendly. I would recommend to change up the practice questions, if a user takes more than once

  47. danielcalomiti1181 (verified owner)


  48. brownfamily.496 (verified owner)

    Great course!

  49. Bryce1 (verified owner)

    Simple easy awesome

  50. alex.i.adamenko (verified owner)

    I like the quiz option, it really helped me study the content

  51. nwmedford (verified owner)

    Good program

  52. benjaminshackelford888 (verified owner)

    Simple and easy

  53. bigjim171 (verified owner)


  54. michaeltlydon (verified owner)

    Very informative

  55. penray24 (verified owner)

    well planed course

  56. cws7512 (verified owner)

    Look I g forward to taking my first practice test.

  57. vrnovy (verified owner)

    It was fine

  58. kstewart5113 (verified owner)

    great practice, quick delivery and easy contact for customer service.

  59. cflemaire (verified owner)

    Easy and straightforward.

  60. clark41976 (verified owner)

    Good. Hard to read the book without falling asleep. Should have a few videos to spice it up.

  61. jbscustomcabs (verified owner)

    great program. will definitely recommend!

  62. tylerdelugach (verified owner)

    Unable to set up training

  63. kyranhammond (verified owner)

    The practice test are very helpful in preparing for the test

  64. tylerdelugach (verified owner)

    The mobile site needs work

  65. simeon1696 (verified owner)

    Great course

  66. cws7512 (verified owner)

    Hopefully I will successfully pass test

  67. nathan (verified owner)

    Well put together

  68. mpalmer5220 (verified owner)

    Lots of information. Great book!

  69. armandon1470 (verified owner)

    great easy to use

  70. zanesc (verified owner)

    Solid approach.

  71. jmhernandez32 (verified owner)

    It was a very helpful course

  72. gateway_homes (verified owner)

    Straight forward and easy to navigate.

  73. richcastillo83 (verified owner)

    Very organized and an easy read! Well worth the money spent for preperation!

  74. ruslan (verified owner)

    The book is great, simple and easy to study.

  75. etuft44 (verified owner)

    I get a little jumbled with the reading but I think it’s good information and a good course

  76. Rodrickedens (verified owner)

    Great course!

  77. DAGAZEL (verified owner)


  78. paul973612006 (verified owner)

    would have preferred a tabbed study guide

  79. DAGAZEL (verified owner)

    I used you guys last time I had to take the CCB test and found the training easy to understand and maneuver.

  80. schuchzack (verified owner)

    Responded quickly to my question.

  81. joepetroplumbing (verified owner)

    This course is immersive and well laid out. The layout is easy to comprehend and straightforward to follow.

  82. mireyapelayo (verified owner)

    The practice questions are great! Just wish you had them for the Spanish book too.

  83. robertrich89 (verified owner)

    Informative, easy to understand

  84. mottlinger1 (verified owner)

    Quick and easy reading

  85. jjjttt6226 (verified owner)

    Hope I pass

  86. Daniel Megison (verified owner)

    It was simple and easy.

  87. yessabo123 (verified owner)


  88. antoniofajardo7492 (verified owner)

    I like I could study at my own pace and re read as much as I’d like.

  89. bellhurstgrey (verified owner)

    great teachable moments

  90. processpdx (verified owner)

    a book and access to a testing facility

  91. Jared Mikasa (verified owner)

    I just read through the Contractor’s Guide manual, so it’s unfair for me to rate this “course”. However the provided “Test Taking Tips” seem good and this “course” was the best value I came across. I’d be surprised if I don’t pass the test given it’s open book and the subject matter is straight forward.

  92. florentina13461 (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. Available right away for my questions from start to end of process.

  93. florentina13461 (verified owner)

    Fast and courteous customer service. Available for random questions I had throughout process.

  94. tireshadavidson (verified owner)

    very informative

  95. tothster (verified owner)

    good book, thank you. easy to navigate as well.

  96. paul4587914 (verified owner)

    super cool and easy

  97. rbremer44 (verified owner)

    easy to do.

  98. jeremydf85 (verified owner)

    Effective, but not accurate. Question 16 of 75 in my practice test asked: “FLSA stands for ___”. My options were: “Federal Labor Standards Act”, “Federal Loan Savings Account”, “Flight Landing Standard Aviation”, “None of the above”. The correct answer is “Fair Labor Standards Act”. I selected “None of the above” and was given an “Incorrect” response by the test, when clearly I was correct. A minor bug or typo, but one that needs to be fixed. Other than that, I find the website easy to use and the test questions generally helpful.

  99. marcokivett (verified owner)

    Basic but easy to use. I’m happy with the overall purchase.

  100. samuel.j.eckert (verified owner)

    They offered everything that was promised.

  101. jsells1509 (verified owner)

    Very good study material. I was studying for my CA contractors license before i moved to Oregon and this material was much easier to read and remember

  102. nibler10 (verified owner)

    So far so good.

  103. Mikeldehart (verified owner)

    It was good.

  104. julianaelizabeth.scholl (verified owner)

    Easy to follow instructions and quiz questions were helpful.

  105. ilmlg (verified owner)

    Thank you.

  106. bcboyer1 (verified owner)

    Its all good

  107. ckillius (verified owner)

    The course was good and thorough. For me, it was mostly a refresher as a previous contractor, but it also included some new laws and changes to required procedures and useful examples.

  108. suttonlove7 (verified owner)

    It was easy reading and the people at big step were helpfull.

  109. simion5243 (verified owner)

    Love it.

  110. suttonlove7 (verified owner)

    Thought the book was easy to read and the process on line has been simple.

  111. jwestfa7 (verified owner)

    easy to follow website, and informative.

  112. peter (verified owner)

    Straight forward course. Easy to understand and follow.

  113. jr_tolliver (verified owner)

    Very fast

  114. edwardfschaffitz (verified owner)

    Great accommodations

  115. hunt4car (verified owner)

    Very simple, I liked it!

  116. benzjr (verified owner)

    great way you offer study tests . thank you

  117. taylorjes719 (verified owner)

    My only qualm was the option questions I got the same 75 every time when it was sold as having over 400 questions… This could have been my mistake

  118. eric.ashbrook (verified owner)

    Helpful thanks

  119. Kbritt77 (verified owner)

    very informative and easy to understand.

  120. jfkinator (verified owner)


  121. taylorcustard (verified owner)

    Wish i was asked this after the test

  122. tb (verified owner)

    practice test was very helpful

  123. TUCKERDOG1125 (verified owner)

    Great course. Very informative and easy to use.

  124. sales2 (verified owner)

    Course is fine It is really just self-study of the manual.

  125. carlosmartinezm.92718 (verified owner)

    Very helpful would recommend to anyone

  126. CHRIS2 (verified owner)

    Facilitated me nicely.

  127. finnmkenna (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, great product!

  128. vharper80


  129. tommarick (verified owner)

    Very simple

  130. overleesc (verified owner)

    some videos would be helpfull

  131. mashmore003 (verified owner)

    Having the practice test is very helpful.

  132. christopher51923 (verified owner)

    Good program study on your own time👌

  133. liebertsguideservice (verified owner)

    Practice test was a great help. I hope the actual exam is on par in terms of question format

  134. ewm727 (verified owner)

    Was what I paid for

  135. jennamarie110 (verified owner)

    Very thorough

  136. James (verified owner)

    great thanks

  137. zimmermans_k (verified owner)


  138. meleilikuone (verified owner)

    Fairly easy reading.. exam questions helped too

  139. jamesasmithpainting (verified owner)

    Simple and easy.

  140. gwrapache (verified owner)

    I got the manual and I took the online quiz. Thanks. That was my entire interaction….!?

  141. apolinario.a (verified owner)

    it appears good for those who are self learners!

  142. admin1 (verified owner)


  143. deschuteselectrical (verified owner)

    Great coarse

  144. andrewoyanguren (verified owner)

    Easy to follow, Tabs help marking each chapter.

  145. Nikolasecofriendly (verified owner)


  146. stujmcleod (verified owner)

    Easy way to take the course. Highly recommend.

  147. (verified owner)

    Good course exactly what I needed at a good price.

  148. Nicholas (verified owner)

    awesome course

  149. lpmaintenance2017 (verified owner)

    I like how you can use the online practice exam to help you study and prepare for test questions.

  150. sepoletna (verified owner)

    Thanks for the basics at an affordable price.

  151. CCardenasii (verified owner)

    This book is an excellent size and formatted very well.
    Thank you.
    Also, your website is very clean. Nice job.

  152. boldncourageous (verified owner)

    Impossible to know how this course rates without first taking the test.

  153. scott25minter (verified owner)

    great job

  154. garykuder (verified owner)

    So far so good thank you

  155. marcos.e.kassik (verified owner)

    Just reading.

  156. scott (verified owner)

    It was alright

  157. jason_trammel (verified owner)

    The tabs were helpful!

  158. faenavshivkov (verified owner)


  159. dannysikes.1 (verified owner)


  160. ryan.meschke (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and learn from.

  161. thomas.a.bennett (verified owner)

    Very easy and well put together!

  162. aaron (verified owner)

    I thought the course was good and informative

  163. marjoriekavanagh (verified owner)

    Thanks for the help with getting the book fast!

  164. Robert shelman (verified owner)


  165. firstdueconst (verified owner)

    It is good

  166. f3spyder (verified owner)

    great course

  167. handymantroy2 (verified owner)

    I expected there to be presentations of the material.

  168. zackalltrades (verified owner)

    According to the Oregon government website, your company has materials onl

  169. kristen.ray (verified owner)

    I prefer to just read through the book at my own pace, so this worked fine.

  170. scott (verified owner)

    It’s fine

  171. alor2 (verified owner)

    Nailed it! Great material.

  172. zuke2 (verified owner)

    Received materials promptly. Easy reading. Would recommend to others.

  173. f.soriano017 (verified owner)

    Everything was simple and easy to use.

  174. Gerald McNabb (verified owner)

    Well done. The guide was well-written and formatted in such a way that it was fairly easy reading.

  175. randy leblanc (verified owner)

    i haven’t taken the test yet….but seemed to be thorough…

  176. Christopher (verified owner)

    very helpful, thanks.

  177. Torben (verified owner)


  178. Todd (verified owner)

    Very stimulating and informative, I came away with good information that I know will be useful going forward.

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