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Better Course Includes:

  • NASCLA Contractors Guide
  • Chapter Tabs
  • Test Taking Tips
  • 16 Hour Online Course Completion Form
  • 150 Online CCB Approved Bonus Practice Questions – Unlimited Access
  • 80 Question Online Simulated Exam – Single Use
  • Free Shipping Available


Easy Instructions after you place your order:

  1. Read the ccb manual for a minimum of 16 hours and no less than 68 1/2 minutes on each of the 14 chapters (even if you are a fast reader).
  2. Fill out our online 16 hour course completion form stating you in promise to have spent a minimum of 16 hours reading the manual.
  3. Optionally, you may use our ccb approved 150 online bonus practice questions (unlimited access).
  4. After submitting the 16 hour online completion form you will receive an email confirmation from PSI (the nationwide testing center that the CCB requires you to use) and then you may schedule with PSI to go sit for the final open book exam.
  5. After you take the final open book exam the testing center will hand you a piece of paper that says you passed the test. You will simply include that piece of paper with your CCB Contractor Application.

224 reviews for Better

  1. goulden1988 (verified owner)

    Didn’t hear back after I submitted my 16 hours… here goes round two.

  2. paintingimmaculate (verified owner)

    The book arrived on time!

  3. sjantz (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  4. anthonylubetic (verified owner)

    It was very helpfull

  5. gberquist (verified owner)


  6. tjwaite03 (verified owner)

    I’m still a little confused as to the whole process. But things are working out thanks.

  7. andystills (verified owner)

    Just what I needed to get my CCB

  8. Paula Strom (verified owner)

    Really easy to follow.

  9. dave.routtu (verified owner)

    The tabs and practice quiz were very helpful

  10. goulden1988 (verified owner)


  11. tommydachef (verified owner)

    The server is slow but the way the information is presented with bookmarks and the question and answer bonus questions that you get our amazing everything was good and intuitive

  12. bweinberg (verified owner)

    Very user friendly

  13. precisebuilders19 (verified owner)

    Excellent course

  14. precisebuilders19 (verified owner)

    excellent course!

  15. precisebuilders19 (verified owner)

    Very easy to read and the practice questions are super helpful. Thank you!!

  16. TitanConstruction.or (verified owner)

    A lot of good information

  17. TitanConstruction.or (verified owner)

    great book

  18. JaredT (verified owner)

    Perfect, thanks!

  19. cuchiaram (verified owner)

    1) On the example test screen you may want to separate the start/next buttons for the 150 and the one time 80 question. What happens if one accidentally presses the 80 question button when not ready? , Can this be reset?
    2) On the 150 question grid, it would be nice to see that color coded showing Pass/Fail/Skipped etc.
    3) The next step sheet has a typo in it….”you will may”
    4) The course is perfect for what is expected.

  20. jdreliableconstructionllc (verified owner)

    simple and useful

  21. Jbaker0720 (verified owner)

    good easy to read and go through at our pace, I liked the option of practice test online.

  22. brandondanley86 (verified owner)

    Great delivery on my Oregon Contractor Book

  23. agreenhow (verified owner)


  24. kc (verified owner)

    I really liked that we had the practice tests!

  25. adrian (verified owner)


  26. dstaab (verified owner)

    It would be helpful if the 80 question timed practice exam provided an answer key so that I could see which questions I answered incorrectly. Other than that, great course. Thank you!

  27. jeremy.speer (verified owner)

    Training manual is very helpful

  28. Alexander.secor (verified owner)


  29. ryan.jull1 (verified owner)

    This was very convenient and easy to follow.

  30. parkstreeservice541 (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  31. Aplustrimworks (verified owner)

    Its a test.

  32. pauladershon (verified owner)

    The practice test was a good idea.

  33. baabcollins (verified owner)

    Good course delivered quickly.

  34. fthllcus (verified owner)


  35. Lizandjer (verified owner)


  36. mrcherepanov (verified owner)

    wish you would help by putting in chapters in quiz … would help a lot

  37. dougwiggins (verified owner)


  38. rosio_luvian (verified owner)

    Easy and self explanatory. satisfied with prompt customer service

  39. vikingmaniac1 (verified owner)

    I would say the material is great. Practice quiz is great. Fast delivery. I feel pretty confident about passing the test.

  40. freelandcodyj (verified owner)

    Thanks for help

  41. ericsederburg (verified owner)

    I initially went into this study course with a negative attitude however upon reading the NASCLA manual I realized just how much I didn’t know about contracting and it’s laws. I really learned a lot from the study manual and I’m sure it will be helpful to me in my contracting business. I was very happy and satisfied with the Big Step Training and practice test. I would recommend the Big Step Training to anyone wanting their contractors license. Eric Sederburg

  42. gilchristhomeservicesllc (verified owner)

    Really like the online practice questions and test.

  43. pranahead (verified owner)

    good but need to have a shuffle of questions and optional practice exams.

  44. armstead.t (verified owner)

  45. agreenhow (verified owner)

    I have taken many states exams and the books and program are similar.

  46. Tysonandkristy (verified owner)

    I thought that it would be more online, but the book was very helpful

  47. crissmoot (verified owner)

    There wasn’t much of an actual course. Just reading and sample quizzes.

  48. bgore1212 (verified owner)

    Very straight forward. Recieved everything I needed and also had practice exams for me.

  49. elirobb (verified owner)

    Simple and straightforward training for the CCB exam. Very inexpensive.

  50. hallerinterstate (verified owner)

    Easy to read. Looking forward to trying the sample questions.

  51. sksluys (verified owner)

    Really straight forward. The letter included with the manual was encouraging and helpful. Love the flexibility. Thanks.

  52. xxzumwaltxx (verified owner)

    Expensive in regards to what materials are provided

  53. Laurie Wulf (verified owner)

    It is a well written study guide with detailed information. I recommend students take the practice tests on line.

  54. osodrywallfiniahers (verified owner)

    A really big help, thank you again for the practice test. It’s helps to take the nerves away 🙏

  55. accounting (verified owner)

    Easy reading and layed out perfectly!

  56. dorothytester (verified owner)

    its easy

  57. vel (verified owner)

    Just a book and some questions. Good enough.

  58. andrew.minnick (verified owner)


  59. villarreal541 (verified owner)

    excellent help on studying

  60. pkessi (verified owner)

    It was very organized – we’ll see how I do on the test and I can give you more feedback after I take it to see if I was prepared

  61. henrytrinh436 (verified owner)

    Easy and straight forward course. If you put in the required amount of time to read the manual, then you will be prepared for the test. Thanks!

  62. DOCTORDOUGPROCTOR (verified owner)

    The value of the tabs, 80 one time questions, and 150 multi-time questions was questionable. I would recommend the cheapest package for anyone that is reasonably good at comprehending what they read.

  63. millerwilliam2 (verified owner)

    Just fine

  64. Seth (verified owner)

    Very good material. I feel very ready for the test

  65. kturbosolutions (verified owner)

    Simple process to get to ccb testing. Biggest suggestion is to make sure and study well.

  66. Brosen3 (verified owner)

    Good course. Thorough and concise. Very clearly worded and east to read and understand.

  67. wesleywear (verified owner)

    Great class very helpful

  68. bobdonley (verified owner)

    It was good course. I have no complaints

  69. danhaddas (verified owner)

    Easy reading and very straight forward. Very helpful and always willing to answer questions.

  70. keith841 (verified owner)

    I submitted my course completion form a few days ago and still cannot schedule my test, so I am re submitting it again.

  71. keith841 (verified owner)

    Easy to follow and understand. Thanks!

  72. Jimbalderas7 (verified owner)

    its ok

  73. rlw716 (verified owner)

    the course was great

  74. johnderuyter (verified owner)

    easy and straight forward

  75. office1 (verified owner)

    I thought that the course was helpful.

  76. pacboatsales (verified owner)

    I was good

  77. jbonfiglio80 (verified owner)

    Very straight forward and easy to understand!

  78. welsh4033 (verified owner)

    I found at least one incorrect answer. 13-8 shipping and delivery has incorrect information regarding FOB charges. FOB freight allowed requires the seller to pay the freight.

  79. lgeconstruction2017 (verified owner)

    Very smooth and fast delivery of products.

  80. office1 (verified owner)

    It was great and the study materials were very helpful.

  81. Angela arellano (verified owner)

    Book was easy to read and understand. I recommend Big step training for anyone who’s wanting to get their CCB license

  82. jason.francis (verified owner)

    The pre-test questions were helpful

  83. mark2 (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the course and easy to use. Material is excellent and the review questions very helpful.

  84. vlfinishes (verified owner)

    Great course

  85. jnance (verified owner)

  86. scolville (verified owner)

    Nice Course

  87. denise (verified owner)

    For your part, I think you have put together a program that was fairly easy to understand. The parts I wasn’t sure about, I was able to contact someone immediately to get clarification. The best part of your coarse is the support staff available to your students.

  88. joedphares (verified owner)

    It’s been very helpful and the staff has been courteous and informative as well.

  89. iplumb (verified owner)

    I found that some of the sample test questions differed from what was indicated in the book.

  90. bmccoy (verified owner)

    Nicely structured and easy to use.

  91. drews9379 (verified owner)

    awesome !!!

  92. (verified owner)

    Good communication and the tabs were actually very helpful for quick referencing.

  93. aaron.jefferis1998 (verified owner)

    easy read, given plenty of time to study, very in depth

  94. austin (verified owner)


  95. robbsabrowski (verified owner)

    great course

  96. kelly.gazaway (verified owner)


  97. staffordmarkc (verified owner)

    Just need a little more direction on what steps go first.

  98. soniatb (verified owner)

    My NASCLA manual with tabs was very helpful. Big-Step training provides good customer support!

  99. melissaemikophoto (verified owner)

  100. jimi7devils (verified owner)

    Amazing and Fast!!

  101. jimi7devils (verified owner)

    Loved everything About it Very Useful!! Can’t wait to test!! Thank You!!

  102. j74oak (verified owner)

    Fast Delivery of study material.

  103. eduardo.elcastillo.gto (verified owner)

    Its a good course. Easy to read and understand.

  104. dan_trombetta (verified owner)


  105. alexis (verified owner)

    The book is very clear and concise, it is easy to navigate and with the tabs that you had provided to note where each chapter is easily, is very helpful! Thank you

  106. cogross (verified owner)

    awesome book very helpful.

  107. tolikp69 (verified owner)

    It was just a book, no training on line

  108. forbito49 (verified owner)

    Great learning experience

  109. nickbrn (verified owner)

    Not much to it

  110. patrioticwc (verified owner)

    The study guide was easy to use and the tabs made it easy to navigate.

  111. potterz (verified owner)

    Great study guide

  112. j74oak (verified owner)

    Very in depth information. All the material to study arrived within 2 days.

  113. kent.behunin (verified owner)

    very user friendly finding info

  114. concretejoe23 (verified owner)

    Good format, easy to follow

  115. sealbrothersandstriping (verified owner)

    Easy to use!

  116. crksart (verified owner)

    Thanks for all your help

  117. joeknowgood (verified owner)


  118. dekayrt1 (verified owner)


  119. Trish H (verified owner)

    It was helpful information and give a lot of useful resources in the back of the book.

  120. maryjo (verified owner)

    Easy to get the book. Well built website for practicing

  121. logan (verified owner)

    Great Class. Highly recommended.

  122. mattdowneypdx (verified owner)

    it was a good value

  123. brownfamilyhomes7 (verified owner)

    I liked having the tabs for quick access

  124. quintin_luthi (verified owner)

    it was good

  125. theriteous1 (verified owner)

    very simple, straight forward and easy to use

  126. Shotgun1810 (verified owner)

    it rocked and training was well put together

  127. Brothersbath (verified owner)

    The course, book and practice exam were very thorough and made preparing for the open book exam easy. Looking forward to taking the test now that I am properly prepared.

  128. Shotgun1810 (verified owner)

    Book was awesome and very informative

  129. mitch.lee09 (verified owner)

    All that was required for licensing.

  130. carbajal200813 (verified owner)

    Im pleased with the course study. Very good information.

  131. jlvfit (verified owner)

    Book was very helpfull

  132. bressorandbrothers (verified owner)

    very thorough

  133. jdjurg (verified owner)

    Easy read. Thanks JD

  134. Curtiss.d2 (verified owner)


  135. vicktishkov (verified owner)

    Practice questions help a lot

  136. srobinson (verified owner)

    I would like to know what questions I missed in the practice exam.

  137. slur5150 (verified owner)

    I think there should be some guided study online.

  138. jrjamisonconstruction (verified owner)


  139. carbajal200813 (verified owner)

    information in the book has helped me to understand how to have a business that will deliver quality work. Thank you.

  140. konstantin.kryach (verified owner)

    was good

  141. stevesweere (verified owner)

    very helpful corse

  142. ricksteele1969 (verified owner)

    very straight forward

  143. kennedyobeng.ko (verified owner)

    it was easy course

  144. dan707 (verified owner)

    good course

  145. clintcrites223 (verified owner)

    Pretty good and informative course

  146. shawna.wichtoski (verified owner)


  147. ehhinspection (verified owner)

    Seemed pretty clear.

  148. MJheating69 (verified owner)

    The practise questions help a lot

  149. joetheoregonian (verified owner)

    Having the clock ticking down time I found very helpful, as I answered questions and looks at the time it made me realize that I had plenty of time and need to relax.

  150. e.cobb91 (verified owner)

    Great price. I really liked having the tabs for each chapter. It makes looking for answers in each chapter much easier and faster. Also, really quick shipping if you live in the Portland area.

  151. ivanna.botsian (verified owner)

    I am saatisfied

  152. mahlonmnowak (verified owner)


  153. CHICOCULTURE (verified owner)

    simple and effective

  154. mgott22 (verified owner)

    Post more content online to study.

  155. rmcosta83 (verified owner)

    I thought the course was user friendly and helped out well with learning and having the book as a reference guide for future use is handy.

  156. cheperez (verified owner)

    A book with a glossary would be beneficial

  157. Anna Arabadji (verified owner)

    A few questions where a bit confusing but i liked the gormat of the tests. It would be very helpful if on the 80 question test it would show the questions that were answered incorrectly so that you’d know what to study up on more. Overall very easy and simple. Thanks!

  158. tylercroteau25 (verified owner)

    It was very helpful!

  159. Christopher Quatier (verified owner)

    Very informative.

  160. Raymond MURRAY (verified owner)

    the 400 questions helped a great deal.

  161. Raymond MURRAY (verified owner)

    Hello i just took the 13 chapter test this evening.. did i do something wrong 🙁 gosh i hope you have it on record. please call me 503 931 2975

  162. justin.customclosets (verified owner)

    As tough as laws and regulations can be to understand, I thought the manual was an easy read. Thanks!

  163. jpfromtillamook (verified owner)

    Practice questions were adequate, but there were no explanations or reference pages. This would be helpful, even if it’s a short paragraph or reference page.

  164. jj4trucking (verified owner)

    very helpful and pleasure to work with

  165. Susan Bartels (verified owner)


  166. bethanywhitman (verified owner)

    Great info, easy to follow. Thanks!
    -Brian Cook

  167. Dimitryk2004 (verified owner)


  168. Chris (verified owner)

    Easy reading and studying. Straight forward.

  169. m~z (verified owner)

    so far it has been really easy to use but i would prefer to rate the course after completing the practice questions.

  170. meanly (verified owner)


  171. Beaudrov (verified owner)


  172. bethanywhitman (verified owner)

    The course was great. A lot of good information and easy to follow.

  173. drilloregon (verified owner)

    it was a good experience.

  174. Derekringer (verified owner)

    Easy directions and thorough. Great customer support as well. Thank you!

  175. topqualitywoodworksllc (verified owner)


  176. brian.kangas (verified owner)

    Great tools to pass.

  177. Ingles Luke (verified owner)

    Love your website
    Easy to navigate
    Thank you

  178. Raquel Ramirez (verified owner)

    Great Resource, great practice quiz.

  179. David L (verified owner)

    The site is fairly useful for studying. The tools that it provides helps deepen the memory of material learned from the book.

  180. Shelby Hansen (verified owner)

    The course was informative.

  181. Mariana Cabanas (verified owner)


  182. gerzain saucedo valdez (verified owner)

    super easy to purchase if have any question call the number and the lady on the other side is always so happy to help glad I decided to go with this company

  183. Mariana Cabanas (verified owner)

    the questions are very helpfull.

  184. Nathan Reese (verified owner)

    Pretty standard and compares well with other states.

  185. ADAM SWEET (verified owner)

    Very Good Course!!

  186. Lorna (verified owner)

    Provide a timeline of needed events on the home page for a checklist. When to expect material and so on. Thanks!

  187. Lisa Maddox (verified owner)

    Great and easy! Just what I needed, Best price also ( I looked Around)

  188. Dennis Choglo (verified owner)

    Great course! The quizzes were very helpful

  189. Talaat Karam (verified owner)

    its great

  190. petr (verified owner)

    i like it

  191. Cristal (verified owner)

    Some questions when answered correctly are still marked as incorrect and the “correct” answer does not appear. Also, the none of the above option must be selected on some questions even if the correct answer is listed.

  192. Sherri Sharpe (verified owner)

    Thank you

  193. Steven Tanninen (verified owner)

    Was Helpfull.

  194. iesey (verified owner)

    Due to the fact that the test’s are in order it was way to easy to answer the questions. In addition the test’s would not save after I completed them. Also on the final practice test some of the answer options where the same answers not other options, and they ended up being wrong

  195. Jordan Kraal (verified owner)

    thank you

  196. James l (verified owner)

    Very organized and easy to reference information. I will be using the book regularly I’m sure. Also found the support on the phone was excellent and concise

  197. Nichole (verified owner)

    The book is very informational I’m really pleased with this.

  198. Susan (verified owner)

    I thought it was easy to follow and was more concerned about people knowing where to find the info than the ability to spit out answers in a test like situation. open book will be more like real life and the resource lists in the back of the book are great.

    we did come across a couple of question in the practice test where the wording was such that the answer could be a couple of different options. I don’t know if that was intentional to trick people or if it was just overlooked.

    overall I liked it. thank you

  199. CALVIN (verified owner)


  200. Bobby (verified owner)

    Very convenient. Helpful tabs, hundreds of practice questions and easy to navigate website. Getting started was super easy and they help you sign up for your test when finished. I was referred to big step and I would defiantly pass the recommendation on to anyone that’s interested in the service!

  201. Bao (verified owner)

    It was great

  202. Curtis (verified owner)

    Thank you. Information was very usefull.

  203. William (verified owner)

    really user friendly.

  204. Honorio (verified owner)

    the ccb manual easy to read and understand, very helpful the on line quiz.

  205. Sean (verified owner)

    After I called and got clarification over a couple items everything went very smoothly

  206. Honorio (verified owner)

    I thought the Quiz on line was easy to study and understand.

  207. brandon (verified owner)

    Fairly easy to read and the format was helpful.

  208. Ilya (verified owner)

    Simple, quick and easy.

  209. Natalya (verified owner)

    Overall it was easy to follow and very user friendly.

  210. Luke (verified owner)

    Great training!!

  211. Erin (verified owner)

    Significant amount of prep questions, issues with answers (Wrong answers, answers given through answers, questions with only one answer). Just prep questions, thats it, nothing else. Still seemed to be the easiest way to just get through with it.

  212. Philip (verified owner)

    Easy course

  213. Collin (verified owner)

    Good Course.

  214. kyle (verified owner)

    Practice questions we’re very helpful highly recommend course.

  215. Caleb (verified owner)


  216. casey (verified owner)

    very good

  217. David (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the practice quizzes.

  218. Brett (verified owner)

    Slow to load.

  219. Kevin (verified owner)

    Practice test very helpful in preparing for the exam

  220. Jesse (verified owner)

    Great! Finished fast

  221. Jamie (verified owner)


  222. Eric (verified owner)

    Worked just fine. Might want to take a look at some of the test questions. Some of the questions have the right answer listed at the bottom, but the “correct” answer is none of the above.

  223. Dustin (verified owner)

    Easy to use and most of the proactive test questions align nicely with the book.

  224. Michael (verified owner)

    It was good I guess…

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