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Our Full-Access Course Includes:

  • NASCLA Contractors Guide
  • Chapter Tabs
  • Test Taking Tips
  • 16 Hour Online Course Completion Form
  • 400 Online CCB Approved Bonus Practice Questions – Unlimited Access
  • 80 Question Online Simulated Exam – Unlimited Use
  • Free Shipping Available


Easy Instructions after you place your order:

  1. Read the ccb manual for a minimum of 16 hours and no less than 68 1/2 minutes on each of the 14 chapters (even if you are a fast reader).
  2. Fill out our online 16 hour course completion form stating you in promise to have spent a minimum of 16 hours reading the manual.
  3. Optionally, you may use our ccb approved 400 online bonus practice questions (unlimited access).
  4. After submitting the 16 hour online completion form you will receive an email confirmation from PSI (the nationwide testing center that the CCB requires you to use) and then you may schedule with PSI to go sit for the final open book exam.
  5. After you take the final open book exam the testing center will hand you a piece of paper that says you passed the test. You will simply include that piece of paper with your CCB Contractor Application.

1298 reviews for Full-Access Course

  1. JAVIER AGUILAR (verified owner)

    trick questions forced me to reread material before answering i like the book and online study combination

  2. Avanni Petras (verified owner)

    Pretty cool stuff. Very straightforward and easy to mentally digest.

  3. Bryon Alger (verified owner)

    The book is a little dry but very informative. The exam practice questions help in understanding each section of the book.

  4. Exau Garcia (verified owner)


  5. Ben Owens (verified owner)

    The way the course and practice exams are set up are perfect. Very easy instructions to follow.

  6. Les Baker (verified owner)

    Great product!

  7. Charles Bodie (verified owner)

    the hoops to jump through are a bit confusing

  8. Edward Dalebout (verified owner)

    Was very nice course.

  9. Michael Bennett (verified owner)


  10. Ed Arnold (verified owner)

    Book came quick. Form was easy to fill out. Only negative, I thought there was going to be some instruction.

  11. Damon Brandner (verified owner)

    The 80 question practice test is a huge help and the 400 question quiz was the most helpful to me i am going into the test with a hi level of confidence thank you very much

  12. David Matthews (verified owner)

  13. Christy Cheney (verified owner)

    good information

  14. Edward Dalebout (verified owner)

    Awesome course. Very nice. Came on time. Website is easy to navigate.

  15. timberlandtree503 (verified owner)

    Found Several Questions that were incorrectly inputted into the 400 question quiz. The book indicated a different answer then the multiple choice answers. Would also be nice if there was a way to see what the correct answer was that way I could find where it is in the book.

  16. vegetationsolutions (verified owner)


  17. Chris Worthington (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  18. David.nwspecialty (verified owner)

    very good

  19. dustin crenshaw (verified owner)

    very easy to study with this course.

  20. Joaquin (verified owner)

    The course was simple the only thing that I believe could help is if the practice questions had folders for each chapter in order to not be clicking a random number question to find the chapter you left off.

  21. Cletus Colpitts (verified owner)

    you answered all of my questions and are very friendly.
    this was exactly what I was looking for

  22. grahamhoward (verified owner)

    No complaints. Website could have been smoother

  23. Marc Sokoloski (verified owner)

    have not done the sample questions yet but to this point very easy to navigate and follow

  24. Tyler Williams (verified owner)

    Needs an Index!

  25. alex_geshka32 (verified owner)

    Good questions to study. Easy to use

  26. Felizfamiliaherrera (verified owner)

    two thumbs up.

  27. William Ray III (verified owner)

    great study course loved the sample tests. and 400 questions

  28. Brian Warren (verified owner)

    I’ll see how I do..

  29. Oscar Sanchez (verified owner)


  30. CURTIS MURPHY (verified owner)

    The study material was clear, concise and informative.

  31. Brian Warren (verified owner)

    I couldn’t find a course! I was just given a book.

  32. SHANNA CACIOPPO (verified owner)


  33. Alice Puderbaugh (verified owner)

    Some of the questions were from the old manual and one question regarding the FLSA had the incorrect answer.

  34. Matthew Stanley (verified owner)

    Good course overall. I found some questions that did not have the appropriate answer in the multiple-choice section.

  35. GREG ORD (verified owner)

    Pretty good..I think having explanations for each of the 400 questions would be helpful, especially the true and false ones

  36. SHANNA CACIOPPO (verified owner)

    Your software is elementary but your book is the right one. You probably shouldn’t require reviews, as they are not required for the Oregon CCB to be satisfied.

  37. Gregory Schults (verified owner)

    The review course was helpful.

  38. John fimple (verified owner)


  39. alexis.hessemer (verified owner)

    Love this!

  40. Jeffry Jackson (verified owner)

    It’s great!

  41. Glenn Hamanaka (verified owner)

    Ariel was a great help in the whole process.

  42. Joel Mock (verified owner)


  43. Maxim Pavlenko (verified owner)

    Great response time, awesome easy to use website, tabs for the book are very helpful

  44. Steven Bloom (verified owner)

    No complaints

  45. ztapio17 (verified owner)

    I would have liked some key points from each chapter to focus on

  46. Kevin Kent (verified owner)

    Found a couple of errors where the book said 10…and the test said the new law had been changed to 6. Don’t remember the question.

  47. mark cate (verified owner)

    other than a few typos and one error on the 400 Q/A ,it was very helpful.

  48. Josh Pelz (verified owner)


  49. Brandon Mackey (verified owner)

    book was good

  50. Nicholas More (verified owner)

    Nice practice test online. Worth the money ,thanks

  51. Lloyd (verified owner)

    I would only recommend that the sample quiz shows correct and incorrect answers when reviewed after completion.

  52. Gheorghe Ene (verified owner)

    Everything was excellent the program questions they helped me out a lot to understand

  53. robert Wibbing (verified owner)

    It was good

  54. Justin Belmore (verified owner)

    Website was easy to navigate and very helpful.

  55. HCMODULARS (verified owner)

    Straight forward info, fast shipping!

  56. Kevin Nering (verified owner)

    Good experience

  57. katspang (verified owner)

    Very helpful and clear. Haven’t taken the test yet so I will see how helpful it really is.

  58. tressie belcher (verified owner)

    but when i took the test the first time, only a hand full of questions asked was in the book to study, or even on the computer test, the test at the center really had no form to study for, had to do alot of guessing, after reading the book twice, spent extensive hours on your computer test, it did not in anyway match the test i failed at the center, so i guess i will try to guess again, thanks.

  59. Samuel Hiley (verified owner)

    It was good I feel prepared.

  60. Dawn Phillingane (verified owner)

    great job putting the study material togrther

  61. Tracy blandford (verified owner)

    Great Program !!

  62. joegallino (verified owner)

    Easy material to understand, the book is a must, the exam and pre tests where great.Those features help study for the license

  63. Adrian Smart (verified owner)

    The online sample questions were invaluable to understand how the exam would be structured and helped greatly

  64. Vladimir usik (verified owner)

    i got the top one and i loved that it had practice test and easy following along and it went in order. overall it was good

  65. Phillip Bramblett (verified owner)

    Some of the exam questions were incorrect as compared to the study material.

  66. Phillip Bramblett (verified owner)

    Some of the exam questions were incorrect as compared to the study guide.

  67. Jodi Cargill (verified owner)

    TypeO on 9-2 “not regulated under 2014” should say “not regulated under 2017”

  68. Liza Martinez (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow

  69. John Gallo (verified owner)

    easy to use and understand

  70. Vladimir usik (verified owner)


  71. TASNEY OVALLE (verified owner)


  72. Wayne Tarbutton (verified owner)

    very thorough

  73. dragoi.valentin (verified owner)

    easy and fast way to learn what you need to know.

  74. Keith Vasilis (verified owner)

    some of the questions are out of date and do not line up with the NASCLA book
    But this course is a good training tool.

  75. chrishanna213 (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up

  76. Vladimir usik (verified owner)

    very helpful

  77. justin sheile (verified owner)

    It was very noligible

  78. David Hang (verified owner)

    Awesome site

  79. WILLIAM RASCO (verified owner)

    Great course, I look forward to taking the rest of it to complete the licensing

  80. Dominic (verified owner)

    Practice makes progression

  81. jifyman57000 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the online test questions. Very easy to use the interface.

  82. William Head (verified owner)

    Easy Steps, Fast Shipping on the material. Great experience!

  83. adam1 (verified owner)

    User friendly, easy to use and navigate the site and handbook. Very well done. Highly recommend Big Step.

  84. WILLIAM RASCO (verified owner)

    Great Help!

  85. Alvaro (verified owner)

    Good experience!

  86. Jacob (verified owner)

    all good

  87. trafficconnect (verified owner)

    nailed it.

  88. 24hourlockandkeypdx (verified owner)

    great course

  89. Chris (verified owner)

    very helpful.

  90. Chao Frankie Chen (verified owner)

    excellent studying materials

  91. melissacampean (verified owner)


  92. solesbee.william_jr (verified owner)

    easy to follow along gets you prepared for test well

  93. mikekedrich (verified owner)

    simple and understand

  94. padillabobby9 (verified owner)


  95. jkruger (verified owner)

    Easy to follow

  96. petersenkiley (verified owner)

    Good number of practice questions

  97. h4a4w4k4 (verified owner)

    Nice to be able to work at my own pace.

  98. Ariel (verified owner)


  99. brian.iskra (verified owner)

    very helpful

  100. hestiaarchitectural (verified owner)

    Straight forward and very useful.

  101. ikejmas211 (verified owner)

    It was very good learned what I need in no time very well put together in my option

  102. kendocrete (verified owner)

    I would recommend using this program

  103. jasonw (verified owner)

    Very thorough course. Addressed all aspects of the NASCLA Guide

  104. gerbertleytner (verified owner)

    Very good course

  105. elrancholzm15 (verified owner)

    Simple and easy to follow.

  106. aarons (verified owner)

    Training was fine. Online questions were helpful. Will know better after test.

  107. devon (verified owner)

    Great Course

  108. rockmecme57 (verified owner)

    very good!..

  109. duane77 (verified owner)

    New book is organized well and easy to read.
    Graphs, charts, photos help a lot for reference.

  110. michelenfelicity (verified owner)


  111. jimmydv300 (verified owner)

    it was very informative

  112. s-bautista (verified owner)

    Great course, go at your own pace study. Feel prepared for the test

  113. sofika333 (verified owner)

    Very specific and clear.

  114. kylemorrow16 (verified owner)

    good bruv

  115. woodroger5 (verified owner)

    Well formatted and simple to follow

  116. janbardwell (verified owner)

    The book was easy to read and i really like the post its. practice test and web site were super easy to navigate through.

  117. Chad Bagley (verified owner)

    Study information helped clarify some of the differences between WA state and Oregon.

  118. Chrissoileau007 (verified owner)

    great study course!!!

  119. dl.heth (verified owner)

    Overall a good format.

  120. alex_geshka32 (verified owner)

    This program is nice, gives all the information at one place.

  121. Ryan Reiber (verified owner)

    twas great

  122. shaunkeiser (verified owner)

    Great! Gets the job done, do i need say more?

  123. Juan Carlos (verified owner)

    Quite lengthy and complate manual

  124. dwk109 (verified owner)

    Fast and on your own time.

  125. andrew (verified owner)

    Great tabs

  126. garett97045 (verified owner)

    Great course

  127. dusty666 (verified owner)

    I loved it

  128. roxservicesllc (verified owner)

    Good training program

  129. victor (verified owner)


  130. vegetationsolutions (verified owner)

    Good break down

  131. justin (verified owner)

    I though it was great. The tabs are helpful and the practice quizzes are even more useful.

  132. rockmecme57 (verified owner)

    Its was good always room for improvement!….

  133. dgraham (verified owner)

    Working in the industry for 35 years – going into another license with much prior knowledge.

  134. ultimathandyman (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the customer service from Big Step Training. They were so helpful over the phone and the instructions are easy!

    Thank you!

  135. Ty (verified owner)

    Ariel was very Helpful. Very happy.

  136. jlsk1993 (verified owner)

    LOVED this course!

  137. Nickplaninz (verified owner)

    Great course

  138. bobbie5164 (verified owner)

    Having worked in construction for over 40 years I found the manual to be very informative. I learned far more than I thought I would and am thankful for such a good tool.

  139. aaron1 (verified owner)

    This experience was good and I feel confident I will pass the test.

  140. mwdyer (verified owner)

    Very Convienient

  141. Proeliteconstructionllc (verified owner)

    Excellent course!!
    It gave me everything I needed.

  142. mvs089 (verified owner)

    As promised

  143. measureup (verified owner)

    i would include more tabs

  144. orellanapdxtopfinishes (verified owner)

    Good customer service. Would recommend to anyone over all the other companies out there.

  145. travis (verified owner)

    More hands on would be great

  146. dustinr (verified owner)


  147. garett97045 (verified owner)

    Very through practice tests. Awesome course

  148. sauced.mariela (verified owner)

    Well, organize and easy to follow through.

  149. jeffs (verified owner)

    The material was very easy to understand. The step by step direction allowed me to study the important parts of the Contractor Guide without anxiety. Thank you!

  150. matt3 (verified owner)

    Great course

  151. dmuir (verified owner)

    Great course!!

  152. chris (verified owner)

    Great course. easy to follow

  153. tony.w.smith77 (verified owner)

    It was informative. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  154. dustin2 (verified owner)

    Good course in depth very helpful

  155. Lily (verified owner)

    it was good, wish you could start reading a PDF version once you order though

  156. jerry.sheffield13 (verified owner)

    Course gives a lot of information that I believe is very useful in the contractor license process.

  157. Jed (verified owner)


  158. nfelgent (verified owner)

    Was good lot of good info in the book

  159. mtbchris88 (verified owner)

    Could use a little more training but its cool that i have this option to get my license on my own.

  160. adamlba44 (verified owner)

    4 stars because I would like to be able to review what questions I missed on the practice quiz and my page tabs were lacking on the 12-14 tabs (cut in half?) besides that good study guide. Hopefully it got me in shape to pass the real one!!

  161. Joshua G (verified owner)

    Excellent practice tests.

  162. joehud77 (verified owner)

    Good information

  163. unameitservices (verified owner)

    This course was simple and easy to use. A great product. I appreciate the quizes.

  164. kdisabatino (verified owner)

    It would be nice to see the answers you get wrong so you can focus your study time on the proper subject.

  165. hellousaily (verified owner)


  166. william.dall.pdx (verified owner)

    I found at least one answer that contradicted information provided in CCB manual. Also it would be helpful if the questions on the practice test told why you got the answer incorrect.

  167. foley.outdoor (verified owner)

    I really appreciated the practice exams.

  168. mikekedrich (verified owner)

    good to read

  169. arutherford (verified owner)

    ok, easy to follow. will update after test.

  170. siler1506 (verified owner)


  171. kyle (verified owner)

    Easy ordering process and book was very informative and helpful.

  172. idoterzani (verified owner)

    some of the information was hard to under stand

  173. joshnewman383 (verified owner)

    pretty easy to follow.

  174. josephleroy33 (verified owner)

    Nice and easy format. great

  175. jwbennett88 (verified owner)

    It was good

  176. rachelgunn90 (verified owner)


  177. deanadams89 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  178. poudrecraftconstruction (verified owner)

    very good

  179. chad.croom76 (verified owner)


  180. mhicks (verified owner)

    Great Course!!!

  181. MAXANDRILEYDAD (verified owner)

    Easy to follow.

  182. sahtennis (verified owner)

    thought the course was very informative. If i would suggest anything to add, it would be resources how to get jobs to bid and where plus the process, but that is neither here nor there.

  183. chad.croom76 (verified owner)

    Everything is great. If I could change anything I would give automatic feed back in the 80 question test and I would have likes to see several shorter random tests.

  184. gabriel (verified owner)

    i wish the answers to the questions contained which part of the book to search for that answer in.

  185. vitaliygarbaruk (verified owner)

    Very helpful experience. Looking forward to take the test.

  186. abiley888 (verified owner)

    i enjoyed reading the book, i think it would be nice if you directed us towards the code book of our state for general construction.

  187. lesrod2011 (verified owner)

    Easy reading and quick to go through.

  188. marc ishibashi (verified owner)

    earthing has very easy so far

  189. dwarner (verified owner)

    Documentation of process has been clear and easy to navigate. Took advantage of online practice test and opportunity to take the practice test multiple times, improving my score each time.

  190. cassie (verified owner)

    I learned a lot. Definitely recommend reading the material and then taking the practice examinations! Great course!

  191. fixcartc71 (verified owner)

    If I pass, it was well worth it

  192. alans.bugoutpest (verified owner)


  193. harrisrentals17 (verified owner)

    I expected more online study material and possibly some video guides. All and all the study questions were quite helpful for finding gaps in knowledge. This took me quite a bit longer than 16 hours to read and retain, quiz questions really helped me assess where I stood on retention.

  194. greekboy10 (verified owner)

    Very well put together!

  195. klvn08 (verified owner)

    Everything was great! Fast delivery and all product was included. Great book and reference guide. Thank you

  196. Daniel (verified owner)

    Easy to use and very straight forward. Thank you

  197. claudia (verified owner)

    the PSI online is not recognizing my course completion form – please fix this.

  198. coastalroofingservices (verified owner)

    The practice tests were a big help.

  199. david.dlbakerhomes (verified owner)

    Thank You…
    Straight forward

  200. ashoffman3016 (verified owner)

    it was fine – thanks

  201. claudia (verified owner)

    Haven’t taken the practice exam yet.

  202. pivotpointpro (verified owner)

    Thank you.Great course!

  203. Robin (verified owner)

    The tabs I received weren’t great, some of them were cut in half so I couldn’t really use them. Plenty of questions, it would be nice if the system saved your answers from session to session so that you could pickup where you left off.

  204. raymondosborn5 (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  205. steelheadfisshing72 (verified owner)


  206. lovellscarpenters (verified owner)


  207. jkboswell2612 (verified owner)

    Great study tools they make you feel confident to take the teat

  208. joshnewman383 (verified owner)

    grate easy to use

  209. maria (verified owner)

    Easy access, got my book in a timely manner, the online practices are plentiful.

  210. Lindsay Jones (verified owner)

    Very helpfull and friendly staff. Course was so helpful

  211. rgarrett (verified owner)


  212. dschambo1015 (verified owner)

    Plenty of practice questions and very user-friendly.

  213. Lindsay Jones (verified owner)

    The extra test is very nice for extra inceragment. Also the staff is very helpfully and always answers my questions.

  214. dave1 (verified owner)

    Have not started it yet, looking forward to it

  215. evc2 (verified owner)

    Great Thanks

  216. spadill7 (verified owner)

    I really liked this program.

  217. egaribay0991 (verified owner)

    Very helpful! I feel confident taking the exam.

  218. eccoen88 (verified owner)

    Thank you! I loved having the option of taking multiple practice test questions. I feel very prepared for my test. Thank you

  219. michaeljamesjordan39 (verified owner)

    ive taken the course before back in april 2014 and im only retaking for a new name and a comletely lapsed ccb number. with that said this is by far the top of the line program for learning and prcaticing for the test.

  220. Alberto (verified owner)

    good course

  221. emilyd608 (verified owner)

    The book was nicely laid out.

  222. ebiklen (verified owner)

    the course is very well done.

  223. Alberto (verified owner)

    great course. good info wish u had audio book.

  224. donohues4 (verified owner)

    Not much to it- read, take the practice test- go for your license.

  225. claudia (verified owner)

    Good information in an organized format.

  226. victoria (verified owner)

    Very thorough and easy to use

  227. knox (verified owner)

    Its good

  228. Alberto (verified owner)

    it has good information. Wish it had an audio book

  229. Collis123 (verified owner)

    The course is very good

  230. Douglas (verified owner)

    very easy to use and understand..

  231. ellis5306 (verified owner)

    Good class, Booklet helps.

  232. Angela Cross (verified owner)

    Easy read and straight forward

  233. jakehill831 (verified owner)

    the coarse was very insightful easy to comprehend I’m looking forward to taking the final exam.

  234. lcundergroundllc (verified owner)

    A lot of it doesn’t apply to our business

  235. mickeyann.armor (verified owner)

    Helpful and friendly. Glad I used this company for this service

  236. hayeselectrical83 (verified owner)

    The course material was easy to navigate and I loved that I could go at my own pace

  237. miramondaniel (verified owner)

    great program it was very help full

  238. chandblaw (verified owner)

    everything worked well.

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    Set up very easy to learn…

  242. baby24girl13 (verified owner)

    The question is re very helpful

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  244. Tim Walton (verified owner)

    Practice questions and quiz seemed useful for preparing for the actual test.

  245. dennis (verified owner)

    Well written and the practice test was well handled. I scored 95% in 35 minutes on the practice test.

  246. tharding (verified owner)


    Better than the one I took in 2006!

  247. mostforebay44 (verified owner)

    did not like that you don’t show what was answered wrong

  248. mkern (verified owner)

    Book is clearly laid out and course instructions are clear. Thank you!

  249. scotttankersley (verified owner)

    Easy quick process

  250. kywardle (verified owner)

    The corse is very thorough!

  251. edward.laskaris (verified owner)

    Easy book to read and understand

  252. info4 (verified owner)

    Was very easy to get through the process

  253. pdxpaintcrew (verified owner)

    great course!

  254. Jake Magnum (verified owner)

    Provided all the basics necessary to complete the test!

  255. Nate27ag (verified owner)

    Your study guide was condensed compared to the Oregon contractors reference manual which I like greatly. Straight up into the point just what you need to know.

  256. pdxpaintcrew (verified owner)

    thank you for a great course

  257. Buckland_gregory (verified owner)

    it does not show right or wrong answers that you missed

  258. toddmacdonald1034 (verified owner)

    I read the book and am looking for the practice test. I dont know if i like the course or not yet id like to take a practice test before reviewing.

  259. mreyes (verified owner)


  260. Bradley Jones (verified owner)

    Very easy to use.

  261. Ezekiel McFadin (verified owner)

    Simple, straightforward, but loaded with grammatical errors

  262. melissa (verified owner)

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  263. pdxpaintcrew (verified owner)

    Thanks for an easy study

  264. Vinh Tran (verified owner)

    Great practice quiz.

  265. mhicks (verified owner)

    Great information and an awesome practice test.

  266. josephlustgraaf (verified owner)

    at the end of the 80 question timed quiz it would have been nice. If the questions that I missed were to be more distinguished from the rest of the questions at the end of the test. other then that the course is set up very well.

  267. adrianbaez2010 (verified owner)

    It was great and easy to to understand

  268. sanco.pdx (verified owner)

    the book was great for knowledge and very helpful staff

  269. dylan.carvin (verified owner)

    no problems

  270. wroughtfe2works (verified owner)

    The organization of the tax information is a little vague.

  271. heather.smith (verified owner)

    great practice quizzes!

  272. Chase Hernandez (verified owner)

    seems pretty straight forward we will see how it compares to the test

  273. thostensonalex (verified owner)

    Great course

  274. don.moons (verified owner)

    I thought there would be more online interaction

  275. michelesuzanne952 (verified owner)

    Very good information

  276. cardinj76 (verified owner)

    this course is very helpful, and easy to navigate.
    Thank you.

  277. borismir (verified owner)

    awesome course

  278. David (verified owner)


  279. Michael (verified owner)

    Good book

  280. Tsarenko Oksana (verified owner)

    Amazingly simple and very user friendly

  281. justin (verified owner)

    awesome course

  282. justin (verified owner)

    I love this course, if you have any doubts before taking a go at the test with the help of big step you will lose those doubts and gain a ccb license.

  283. vaitautuaa (verified owner)

    Would like to thank you so much! Very easy to read and understand.

  284. jjanssen (verified owner)

    A chapter review would be nice. Maybe a few key questions for each chapter as a review and a good way to wrap up each chapter after reading.

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    Thank you.

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